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What is PVA?

PVA stands for Phone verified accounts. When you verify a cell phone number while signing up in a Social network, You are signing up for a PVA account. You can only verify one account per phone number unless you buy cheap PVA accounts from a provider.

What are profiled and Non-profiled accounts?

Profiled accounts contains complete information of user along with his / her personal details like display pictures, interests, location details, work and education which makes them more organic. Non profiled accounts comes blank without any such details.

Do you provide location specific accounts?

Yes. We provide Geo-targeted accounts. They come with different pricing based on required location. You can discuss your requirements with our support team and design a custom package. Orders placed directly from website will be considered as WW (World Wide) mix order and delivery will be made accordingly.

How long will it take to receive my product after placing order?

We will deliver your product as quickly as possible (Within 24 to 48 hours). However, all the orders are processed in queue. This may cause some delay in delivery.

Can you provide accounts in bulk like 100k or 1 million?

Yes we can provide. For more details contact our support today.

Do you have bulk stock?

Yes we do have accounts in stock. Since our sales ratio is high, our inventory ends real fast. So we release fresh accounts daily.

Can I get sample accounts?

We can provide sample profiles of our accounts.

What payment method you prefer?

We accept PayPal, Bank wire and Skrill payments

What to do when I face re-verification error?

Normally re-verification issue arises because of IP address or location conflicts. We always provide the proxy / VPN location used for a particular account. You need to access them with same geo – location. You can also provide us the proxies you want to use. We will provide accounts on them.

Do you provide emails with accounts?

Yes we do provide emails with accounts.

How to keep these accounts safe?

You need to make sure that you are opening accounts from the same locations they were created. Use proxies or VPN’s, also you should use only 2-3 accounts from one location to log in. Avoid frequent activities from fresh accounts. Let them age a little bit and gain some privilege.

Why your prices are so high?

We prefer quality over quantity. All the accounts are created and maintained manually. We make sure that they stay alive for long time. Also we provide complete support 24×7. We hate unhappy customers.

Can you provide accounts from networks not mentioned in your list?

Yes, you can reach us at our support for further discussions.

If you have any other question or queries, Get in touch with our support here

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